Case Studies

Remote Inventory

Remote Inventory Holding in TCB Singapore and UK

TCB Group offer a range of warehousing and fulfilment services from our three hubs in Belfast Liverpool and Singapore. One of our clients who specialise in the provision of hydraulic spare parts, use our warehousing facilities in Singapore to supply a major client in China.

Situation Analysis:

Our client provides equipment to one of their China-based customers with parts that are sourced in China, imported to the UK and re-exported to China.

This ongoing project was causing a number of challenges for our client:

  • Long lead time, typical import transit 35 days and if exported via sea freight then an additional 35 days
  • Inflexible supply chain which was difficult to change without incurring significant expense

Additionally, a longer lead time lead to an excess stock requirement in China and an increasing use of air freight was adding to an already costly shipping modal.

TCBTCB Group shipper team was asked to consider the problem and suggest possible solutions based on their Singapore hub. Requirements for any change had to include:

  • Goods had to be exported from China before being re-imported to Chinese end user
  • End user must never know the original supplier
  • All goods had to be neutralised and original labels removed
  • Lead times to end user must be improved

TCB Group Solution:

TCB Group designed an integrated solution using their online warehouse management platform to support a remote stock holding for the client in the TCB Group Singapore Hub.

The process:

  • TCB imported stock from China
  • Stock was imported into Singapore under bonded status so that there were no import duties or taxes incurred
  • Stock was neutralised of all supplier labels
  • Stock holding could be viewed and managed by the client in the UK
  • The client enters export orders onto the TCB Group online WMS , pick requests are auto-generated to the TCB warehouse team and pick progress can be monitored on the web platform
  • All export orders picked, labelled and sent by sea freight to the end use in China

Benefit / outcome:

Through this process, we were able to deliver:

  • shorter lead times to the end user
  • decrease stock holding and cost
  • online tracking of orders with 24/7 visibility of stock holding
  • a more agile and flexible supply chain

We have managed a stock holding for this client in Singapore for over 5 years. During that time several factors have contributed to the successful collaboration with the client on this project, most importantly listening to our client, understanding their requirements and building a solution that fitted their purposes. Over the last number of years we have invested heavily in IT systems which not only support our business directly but give our clients real-time visibility of their stock and a better understanding of our processes

There have been changes during this time to manage increasing expectations, both of our client and their end user but the core service remains the same and continues to provide benefits to our client and their end user.


‘The service provided by TCB Group through their hub in Singapore dramatically reduced lead-times to our end user which was the main objective of entering into partnership with TCB. This was successfully achieved, with the added benefits of a fully operational WMS where live stocks, order placement, and shipping information are available in real time.  Where communication occurs between our UK site and TCB Singapore, we have a dedicated account manager where the language barrier is non-existent. We are grateful for TCB for firstly suggesting this service which solved an extended service issue we had with our end user and secondly for making this service pain free’

Remote Storage

Warehousing solution for Global market leader

Situation Analysis

Air Liquide (SG) Pte operate a network of air separation plants and production facilities and manage a large network of air separator plants and gas production facilities across Singapore.

They hold spares for all of the plant they manage at several strategically placed storage facilities on the island. Their guidance for each storage facility is:

  1. 24/7 operation
  2. Must be able to handle all parts including heavy lifts

Their inventory is being held at remote locations from their main installations however they have no online visibility of their stock or ability to manage online


TCB Singapore were asked to provide a remote storage solution that incorporated 24/7 operation with online visibility and also differentiated between available and committed stock which was essential given the volume of plant engineer’s that would be viewing the stock. The facility must also be able to provide crane lift facilities for ultra-heavy parts and be able to re-load these within 24 hours’ notice.

TCB Singapore set up a storage facility at their Upper Bukit Timah hub, which had the benefit of crane lifting and central location for all of the clients’ facilities. Through our team, Inventory was managed remotely on the TCB remote platform.

Operationally this meant that:
- we could Include details of available, reserved and committed inventory
- parts were able to be called of online by individual plant managers who all had their own log in details
- All parts numbers and photographs were available online

- All plant spares were labelled on arrival and distribution was on a first in first out basis

- TCB Singapore were able to crate and / or vacuum pack parts as requested
- The UBT facility was available to access 24/7


There were a number of significant consequences for Air Liquide which resulted in savings in time, cost and resource:

  1. Decreased lead time from part request to dispatch to the engineer
  2. Decreased cost of stock holding
  3. Online tracking of orders and complete visibility of stock holding
  4. More agile and flexible supply chain

TCB Singapore has been providing warehousing, distribution and packing services to Air Liquide for over 7 years. The success of our relationship with them is dependent on us providing a flexible solution that developed and changed with our client’s requirements. It’s important for us to be able to improve our services organically, taking note of the changing environment but it’s equally important for our supply chain solutions to be sufficiently flexible to manage our client’s expectations of us.

Client Testimonial:

“TCB Group has provided Air Liquide Singapore with warehousing, packing and delivery services for over 7 years. Our business requires 24/7 management and fast responses to ensure that our installations are kept running at all times. TCB’s online WMS system provides us with instant visibility of all inventory and their attention to quick response and providing excellent customer service has strengthened our relationship.

Case Study; Warehousing, Singapore

Case Study; Warehousing, Singapore
One of our clients based in Singapore specialise in engineering and packaging solutions for businesses and organisations from a variety of sectors, ranging from biopharma to building materials.

The company uses the TCB Group warehousing facility in Singapore to service its customer base in the Australasian / Pacific region.

Situation Analysis:
Our client provides packaging and packaging machinery, which is supplied each week by FTL from Malaysia and dispatched on a daily basis to its customer base.

Up until recently, they had been experiencing 2 specific issues with their current service:
• Insecurely wrapped cargo which was leading to damages and rejected deliveries
• Poor response to urgent and same day dispatches and deliveries

Additionally, poor management of documentation by their suppliers was also creating increased workload and administrative challenges for their customers.

TCB Group was asked to consider the aforementioned problems, and review the current processes and to offer a possible solution based on their Singapore hub. The requirements for any change had to include:
• Pallets and cargo being machine shrink wrapped prior to dispatch.
• A flexible supply chain capable of managing late requests and urgent orders
• Proper documentation management

TCB Group Solution:
TCB Group operate through a Tuas-based state of the art warehousing facility. Staffed by a dedicated and well-trained team of operatives, the facility is spacious and can accommodate most clients’ needs and project requirements.

Key to the success of this project was the ability to shrink-wrap the cargo for onward dispatch
We purchased a semi-automatic powered pre-stretch wrap pallet turntable to ensure that every pallet dispatched was professionally wrapped, giving the cargo sufficient protection and importantly ensuring stability for onward transportation.

The next stage of the process involved integrating an online inventory management system which connected TCB Group administration to the client’s dashboard which allowed them to:
• Manage their inventory online
• Create online orders that printed directly to our warehouse dispatch team
• Manage documentation through a single online portal

Finally, as with all client relationships we introduced a dedicated account manager and account management team, offering a single point responsibility which becomes an additional team member of the client supply chain.

Benefit / outcome:
TCB Group has a longstanding track record in the Singapore supply chain and logistics market and importantly we had a thorough understanding of the client’s pain points from which we were able to effectively deliver:
• 24/7 online visibility for our client to fully manage their inventory, track export orders and view documentation including proof of delivery.
• A more agile supply chain, able to react quickly to new orders
• Late cut of time for new orders
• Streamlined documentation process able to provide consolidated invoicing on a periodic basis.

There are many ways to solve most problems but the important first step is empathetic listening – our dedicated account management team was able to diagnose the problem quickly and determine the most effective outcome, part of which was the immediate purchase of the shrink-wrap equipment.

Since our inception TCB Group has recognised the importance of technology within supply chain management and as a result, for years have been investing heavily in IT systems which provide our clients with real-time visibility of their stock and order tracking from pick, through dispatch to delivery.

TCB Group specialise in supply chain and intermodal freight transport solutions and has built a reputation through our highly skilled and experienced team as a problem-solvers.

Our core business services are freight, warehousing, the transportation of dangerous goods and supply chain management.

We are differentiated within the market place by our ability to deliver exceptional service in difficult circumstances, attention to detail and our knowledge sharing and collective experience within the industry.

‘Your continuous effort to make improvements to our processes has been appreciated. We appreciate your quality of services, your responsiveness and professionalism. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work and we look forward to continuing our relationship.’

Consol Services

Consolidation project management

TCB Singapore provide a wide range of consultancy services, innovative supply chain solutions and fully managed project services. One of our clients specialise designing and installing bulk materiel handling systems. Their project team deliver full turn-key projects to all sizes of enterprises globally.

Our clients in-house project team advocate strong partnership and actively promote to their clients the benefits of single sourced designed and delivered projects.

Situation Analysis:

To successfully commission a turn-key project our client has to manage the consolidation in a single warehouse the entire system to be installed. This comprises co-ordinating parts delivery from multiple global suppliers to a single consolidation point and then final shipment to the project site. It sounds simple but with the complexities of global supply chains, differing customs formalities, changing availability dates and changing transport schedules it requires absolute knowledge, focus and judgement to ensure all of the system parts arrive in one place at the right time.

The client had already worked unsuccessfully with numerous providers who were unable to provide a fully managed project service focusing on:

  1. Response and communication
  2. Reporting and shipping updates.
  3. Effective account management
  4. Innovative problem solving.
  5. Accessibility to the Singapore consolidation warehouse.
  6. Proper cost management.

TCB Group Solution:

TCB Singapore were asked to design a solution that provided all of the above for an upcoming project for final installation in Surabaya, Indonesia. Parts were being sourced from seven countries across North America, the Middle East and Europe and required to be consolidated at our bonded warehouse facility in Singapore.

TCB Group Account Manager, Eileen Quek, and a project team including Sales Manager, Eldon Hui and General Manager, Doreen Ang (escalation purposes) compiled a shipping profile based on availability dates including both air and sea freight options where possible to ensure that all cargo arrived in Singapore at the optimum time.

  1. Reporting was via the TCB web platform and by excel spreadsheet
  2. Arrival in Singapore was managed to minimise freight cost (air freight used as last option) and importantly to minimise warehouse costs in Singapore
  3. Fresco had full access to the TCB bonded facility to inspect and quality check cargoes prior to final delivery to Surabaya

All cargo was packed and loaded in Singapore for shipping to Surabaya on a just in time basis to coincide with the project installation.

Benefits / outcome

TCB Singapore were able to deliver on their commitment of delivery to final site of all cargoes on time, in full and undamaged.

We were able to provide benefits to our clients of:

  1. Full project management releasing our client’s time to focus on their core issues
  2. Decreased freight cost
  3. Proper reporting mechanisms with senior management escalation
  4. Full project design and clear process control

Our initial discussions on the project specification were at the beginning of December 2017 and over the course of the following two months - in continual discussion with our client - our project design team compiled a bespoke service that addressed all of our clients concerns, requirements and delivery deadlines. We were awarded the contract 2 months later and from beginning to end the project lasted 6 weeks.


“The TCB Singapore team is different – they listen to our aspirations and needs and bring the tools to get the job done.

The work they do for us allows us to work on our business instead of in it. Eldon and the supporting team – especially Eileen – are very good at easing us out of our comfort zone to the benefit of the company.”

Freight Forwarding

Global air freight for the Fit Out industry

Case Study

TCB Group provide global air services for a world leading fit out and interior construction company. Their client list includes large multi-national corporations as well as most of the world’s biggest cruise liners and they regularly fit out vessels in ports and shipyards throughout Asia, Europe and In North America.

Situation Analysis

Our client was working on a ship for a large cruise line operator in Singapore.

Quite often on these fitout projects, the cruise line will appoint their own transport agent to manage the import of all cargoes for the fit out from the global supply base.

This means that individual companies within the supply chain will have little say in the collection and delivery of their own materials to the vessel being fitted out. This can lead to problems and doesn’t always suit the requirements of individual suppliers, removing flexibility from their supply chain and the ability to change transport plans quickly whenever production schedules change.

This was the situation at a recent fit out in Singapore’s Sembawang shipyard. However to minimise disruption to their supply chain and reduce cost, our client required TCB Group in Singapore to import and store both tools and raw material, as and when they became available from other sites and then re-deliver these to Sembawang.

The TCB hub in Singapore is strategically placed in the new Tuas port area and all inventory held there was easily viewed and managed through the TCB online WMS portal.

A significant volume of cruise line fit out work can be carried out while the vessel is at sea, and in this instance further work was to be carried out on the vessel whilst in transit to Seattle, however critical raw material which had missed the loading in Sembawang was delayed further in transit to Singapore and required urgent air freight to Seattle.

TCB Group solution

Our warehouse hubs in Belfast, Liverpool, Singapore and Indianapolis are strategically located and allows us to service our customers needs in most eventualities.

TCB Group received the call on Friday at 4pm to collect, re-crate and air freight 5 pallets of cargo ex the cruise line forwarders warehouse in Singapore and air freight to Seattle for arrival the following Wednesday at the latest.

Our team collected the cargo Friday evening, crated the cargo for dispatch to Changi airport on Monday evening and departed Singapore Tuesday with arrival to Seattle Wednesday evening.


In most cases the outcomes for our customers are evident. Through our efforts with this customer we not only saved them time and money, we also helped them out of a hole with their customer. TCB Group became part of their supply chain and through our in-depth understanding of not only their needs but their business processes which resulted in a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Client Testimonial

‘Our business is all about delivery. We need partners within the supply chain who understand our business and who are able to meet our project deadlines. The team at TCB Group has managed to make that process look easy."